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Thursday 16/02/17

Thursday 16/02/17

A. Barbell rolling


B. Hip mobility

-x20 side lunges with torso twist

-x20 front lunges – reach up

-x20 seated hip openers

-x20 sec pigeon

-x20 scorpion


C. Shoulder mobility

-x20 shoulder openers

-x15 shoulder retraction/protraction

-x15 tricep/shoulder stretch

-lying down – shoulder elevation with palms down:

x10 ams next to hips

x10 arms at shoulder level

x10 arms next to ears

-x10 shoulder internal/external rotation (arms 90 degrees)



– 5×10 arch/hollow swings

-3×10 arch/hollow higher

-x10 floor hip extension with PVC

-x10 hips to bar

-MU attempts




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