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Thursday 08/12/16

Thursday 08/12/16

A. Barbell Rolling






B. Hip mobility

-lying hip rotation

-hip flexor to hamstring stretch


-couch mobilisation (wall)

-resistance band hip flexor stretch

-resistance band knee stabilisation


C. Shoulder mobility

-resistance band shoulder retraction/protraction

-resistance band lats stretch

-resistance band pull downs

-resistance band front pull aparts

-resistance band pull apart plus raise to OH


D. OH squat therapy

-hold bottom position with resistance band OH

-PVC OH squat between racks

-PVC OH squat against wall


E. Skill work

Rope climbs (J-wrap technique)


F. E2M for 20MINS

a. 2 rope climbs

b. 50 sit ups

c. 60 DUs (120 singles)

d. 50 sumo DL

e. gather 60 secs of L-sit hold



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