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WOD & DONE Hand Protection


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One pair 2.00 euros. Single use.

  • CONVENIENT HAND PROTECTION – These single-use hand protection were made to keep your hands protected while doing high-intensity training, practice, or workout. Each pair was also individually packaged to guarantee quality
  • REMARKABLY FLEXIBLE – Features a top-quality, special kinesiology type material for a more natural movement when lifting, gripping and balancing. It also provides the hand  with utmost comfort when in use.
  • SKIN TIGHT – The composition and construction of the hand protection gives the feeling of oneness with your hand, translating to a better grip and feel on your workout, training, or fitness equipment.
  • EXCELLENT SIZE – The grips measure 3” wide and almost 10″ long allowing greater coverage to prevent serious skin injuries, such as tears and rips, that are painful and usually take a long time to heal.
  • MORE FOCUS DURING TRAINING – they are self-adhesive, and chalk and sweat-friendly 
  • CHALK AND SWEAT FRIENDLY – apply onto clean dry hands before warmup

Camo Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow


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