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Monday 06/03/17

Monday 06/03/17


-x10 side lunges

-x10 leg swings

-x10 downward dog to cobra

-x10 shoulder openers

-x10 front lunges


x3-4 reps of each of the following movements


B. 17.2 – 12MIN AMRAP


round 1+2:

15m DB walking lunges (RX: 22.5kg/15kg , Sc: 15kg/10kg)

16 T2B (Sc: knee raises)

8 DB power cleans (same weight)


round 3+4:

15m DB walking lunges

16 MUs

8 DB power cleans


round 5+6 same as 1+2

round 7+8 same as 3+4

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