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Friday 09/03/18

Friday 09/03/18 + Monday 12/03/18


5mins bike


-x10 PVC shoulder circles

– x5+x5 full moon

-x10 PVC OH squats

-X10 downward dog to corba

-x20 single unders


2 sets:

-x5 barbell OH squats

-x10 arch/hollow swings

-x10 DB snatch

-x5 pulls ups


B.  18.3 – 2 ROUNDS FOR TIME (Time cap: 14mins)

100 single under (RX: DUs)

20 OH squats (RX: 52kg/36kg , Sc: 20kg/15kg)

100 single unders

12 pull ups (RX: ring MUS)

100 DUs

20 DB snatch

100 DUs

12 pull ups (RX: bar MUs)


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